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There are several names of the lord which contain a whole mythological event within the name. One such name is madhu-sUdanaH. The story is pretty complicated. We extract it from devI-bhAgavatam chapter 1. After each deluge, the next morning (of the Cosmic Day of brahmA) the Creator has to create from scratch. At the beginning of one such morning, two demons arose from the dirt of the Lord's ear (who was just rising up from His Cosmic yogic sleep) and from the tamo-guNa which was the first thing that emanated from the creator. These demons were madhu and kaiTabha. The creator caused the first sound vibration of AUM and from that the vedas arose. But the two demons took away the vedas and made them inaccessible. The Lord took the manifestation as haya-grIva and brought the vedas back. The demons were furious and began to shake up the very foundations of the divine lotus stalk which was the seat of the Creator from which He was to start His work of creation. So the Lord decided to do away with the two demons who were nothing but tamo-guNa personified. The Lord promised to give them whatever they wanted. They were arrogant enough to throw back the same question of the Lord: What boon do you want from us? The Lord now replied: I want your death! They replied very 'cleverly', 'yes, you can destroy us, provided you do it in sky uncovered by cloth'! The Lord removed the cloth covering His thighs, put them on his lap and destroyed them. It is important to note here that in the Lord's Cosmic Form, His feet are the Earth and His thighs are the space of the sky. (cf. bhUh pAdau yasya nAbhir viyat ) So His act of removing the cloth from His thighs fulfilled the demons' requirement of a sky uncovered by cloth. What they thought would not happen did happen by the Lord's strategy. This is the lIlA of the Lord to kill the two asuras madhu and kaitabha. Therefore He is madhu-sUdanaH.






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