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the same. So the devotees of Baba find themselves in a peculiar plight, namely that Baba Himself has to intercede on their behalf to Baba. This is where the devotion  of devotees to Baba  becomes a rather unusual phenomenon. There are devotees of God all over the world. But devotees of Baba are known for their exuberance of devotion, which is usually transparent.  The religious world outside of the Sathya Sai world is always puzzled why there is so much exuberance,  a transparent excitement about Baba among His devotees. This is the reason:  There is nobody between devotees of Baba and Baba.  Not even a Guru!
6. The feeling of total triviality and nothingness vis-a-vis the Lord. (
kArpaNyaM). This is the norm by which two famous episodes of surrender in the Ramayana fail to reach up to the ideal surrender. One was Sita's. while she was captive in Lanka she repeatedly surrendered mentally to Lord Sri Rama. But Hers did not satisfy this norm of incapability on the part of one who surrenders. For, if she had chosen to, she could have consumed Ravana himself in the flames of Her absolute chastity, though she did not choose to do it for other reasons. In the same way, there is the episode of Rama's surrender to the God of the Seas. Again this does not meet with  this sixth requirement of ideal surrender, because his surrender was not because of inability to achieve what he wanted to achieve. If  He had chosen to, He could have dried up the Ocean and have his armies cross it.

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