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nothing but the three-in-one form of the Trinity (brahmA, vishNu, Siva). If we set aside this, for a minute, we see that very legitimately the word svarUpa has been used with jnAna  (No.76) and satya (No.2); because that is the definition of the Almighty as He is.  Since the word svarUpa denotes the intrinsic 'form' without which the entity is not what it is, the use of the word 'svarUpa' with jnAna and satya and with no other is full of significance in the context of the Absolute As It is. The only other word with which it could have been  used is 'Ananda' and in this case    (No.36) the word Ananda itself is used as the name and this is certainly even stronger than the name 'Ananda-svarUpa'.
praNAms to those early devotees who composed this ashTottara of BhagavAn in this meaningful way!

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