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(124) sarva-mangalA :  She is auspicious by nature. Even unthinking duds, if they resort to any one of the methods of devotion like meditation, recitation, worship, prostration, or ritual arcanA, are blessed by Her with what they want. So She is auspicious even for them. Also She is the spiritual core of every being  and in that sense She is auspicious  Bliss to all. Also the word 'sarva' connotes Lord Siva and to Him She is certainly the most beloved, in fact She is half of Him and so auspicious to Him. Also, mangala denotes 'woman'  and  all women are the manifestations of the Mother Goddess,  Recall here the words of Devi bhAgavatam:

striyAs-samastAs-sakalA jagatsu

She is auspicious to all because women are generally auspicious to all.

(125 to 127) sarva-kartRI, sarva-bhartRI, sarva-hantRI : She is the doer through her mAyA Sakti. She is the sustainer of everything in the universe. She is the destroyer at the time of deluge.  Thus the three names characterise Her as the Power behind the three functions of the Trinity. Recall the lines from taittirIya-upanishad: (3 - 1)

yato vA imAni bhUtAni jAyante,
yena jAtAni jIvanti, yat-prayanty-abhisamviSanti
From which all beings here are born;
having been born, by which they remain alive,
and into which, on departing, they enter.

(133) sarva-soukhya-dAtRI : soukhya is happiness. There are four kinds of this: priya, the feeling of happiness experienced by just seeing the things we want to possess; moda, the feeling experienced when we obtain what we wanted; pramoda, the feeling experienced in the actual enjoyment of the thing we wanted; and Ananda, the holistic experience of Bliss by the experiencer. All this is given by Her according to the karma and bhakti of the individual jIva.  So She is the giver of  all kinds of soukhya to all.

(134) sarva-vimohinI : She creates the delusion for all - in the sense, that She is the mAyA Sakti and so all the false knowledge that we get is from Her! Note that this is not said in any derogatory sense. She is the substratum of everything and therefore also of our intellect, and of our ignorance. Recall the words of the gItA: (5 - 15)

ajnAnenAvRtam jnAnam tena muhyanti jantavaH /
Knowledge is covered by Ignorance;  That deludes all beings

sarvAva-guNa-varjitA: avaguNa is bad qualities, namely those that lead to  dishonour, disgrace, and disrepute.  She is devoid of al such qualities. Of course thid does not mean to attribute good qualities to the attributeless parA-Sakti. She is beyond all qualities.  All qualities are those of the mind which is only a superposition on the substratum of the Absolute. In that sense She is not affected by any of them either good or bad. The Space within a jar is not in any way affected by the qualities of the jar. Its relationship

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