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birthless Lord.

Verse No.36: 
Sruti gItA - 23

sata idam-uthitam sad-iti cenna nu tarka-hatam
vyabhicarati kva ca kva ca mRshA na tathobhayayuk /
vyavahRtaye vikalpa ishito'ndha-paramparayA
bhramayati bhAratI ta uru-vRttibhir-ukta-jaDAn //

That this universe is real because it has evolved from Reality, will not hold logical analysis. When the effect of a cause shows up, sometimes it varies from the cause very much,  sometimes the effect is false while the cause is relatively more real. The universe is in fact a product of both brahman and avidyA; thereby also it is not real. Just for the sake of phenomenal functioning the illusory reality of the universe is accepted. The Vedic texts declaring the effect of rituals etc. are only traditional ways of deluding dullwitted persons into faith. They are valid only till the Illumination of the absolute sets in.

vyavhRtaye : for carrying on worldly transactions.
This verse goes through all the objections which other schools of thought may raise for establishing the permanence or reality of the universe  and the worldly rules regulations and rituals and their other-worldly meritorious effects .

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