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Ignorance is beginningless, but it will have an end, when we get Self-Realization. Thus brahman is satyam or sat;  brahman is jnAnam or cit;  and brahman is anantam or Ananda. Its svarUpa, 'form' as It is, is sat-cid-Ananda which is the same thing as satyam-jnAnam-anantaM.
In sum  there are five and only five concepts that matter; they are:

sat, cit, Ananda, nAma and rUpa.

The first three are absolutely real  and they are only one, namely brahman.  The last two take care of all the universe, and the knowledge of it by science and other means; they are real only so long as we are not AWARE of the absoluteness of the Absolute.

Om tat sat.

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