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This is the path of Spirituality, even while remaining in this body.  The object of all Hindu religious teaching is to save our Self from getting into another body after it leaves the present body. In other words, the object is to be able to die without being born again. It is a combination of four things, the Hindu scriptures tell us, that will ensure the non-occurrence of another birth;

catur-gagAra-samyukte punar-janma na vidyate 

What are these four? They are four words beginning with the consonant 'ga':

gangA,  gItA,  govinda and  gAyatrI.

gangA is the water of the Ganges that flows from the Lord after washing His lotus feet - this has to be received on our head so that it may wash off the sins committed by the body (= kAyena).
gItA is the nectar of His music coming from His own mouth in the form of the greatest exposition of scriptural truths  - this has to be received and kept in our mind so that it may wash off the sins created by the mind (= manasA).
govinda is His sweet name - the dispenser and protector of the vedas is to be kept continuously kept in our tongue, the organ of speech, so that it may wash off the sins committed by our speech (= vAcA).
It is said that,

sins of the mind will land one into a birth
at a
lower level of evolution;
sins of speech will end up in one being born
in the
animal world thus losing the capacity to speak; and
sins committed by the body will result in one becoming
inanimate and inert as lifeless matter.

Grandfather Bhishma of the mahA-bharatA was divine in his previous birth, but had to be born as a human, Bhishma, because as a divine he once allowed his mind to be infatuated just at the sight, for a second, of a danceuse whose shoulder-covering slipped, for a moment, during the dance. In the biography of Shirdi Sai Baba there is the story of two, otherwise, very pious, brothers, who quarreled endlessly using abusive and filthy words of each other and so were born in the next birth as two cows. In the Ramayana we have the story of ahalyA who had to be immobile for ages, just because she allowed her modesty to be assaulted by the King of the Divines.

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