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during sleep one will not remember that he had the enjoyment of sleep.

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That is why the scriptures cry hoarse:
The Self is Consciousness. Because, after all the other things have been negated as transient, that one thing  has to remain. 
The three words Real, Consciousness and Infinite all refer to one and the same thing, namely
brahman. When qualified by the three epithets, brahman is distinguished from everything else. The words  distinguish brahman from all unreal, insentient and finite things.  Whatever is absolutely real exists  in the past, in the present, and in the future. All things which have vikAras are unreal.

vacArambhaNam vikAro nAmadheyam, mRttiketyeva satyam,

says the chAndogya-Upanishad, meaning: all that changes form is only a name and a creation of speech; what is clay is alone real. Here the analogy of the context is that of the pot made of clay. The pot has only name and form; it is the clay that is relatively real. In the analogy of the rope and snake, it is the rope that is relatively real. That thing is unreal which deviates from its form; so, the snake and the pot are unreal. The universe is unreal because it is subject to deviation. In general what arises from something else has no status of  absolute reality. So always the cause is relatively real and the effect is unreal. The universe is an effect, therefore it is unreal.It is only an empirical reality. It is certainly more real than the phenomenal reality of the dream. But even the universe is not absolutely real since it is subsumed in a still higher experience. In the same way the five sheaths that 'cover' the Self are not absolutely real. That is why their negation ( Recall  neti-neti)  is necessary to become and be, the Self within. When the fundamental unity of the Self with brahman is realized, the world of our waking moments is submerged. So brahman-consciousness is of a higher order of reality.  There is no higher reality beyond that because it is Pure Consciousness. Absence of Consciousness is a contradiction in terms. The very knowledge of absence of consciousness implies the existence of consciousness. This highest intuition, which should not be called consciousness of the Absolute, is Consciousness itself. This is the 'jnAna' occurring in the definition of brahman.
Brahman is the ultimate Cause. But It is not like clay  being the

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