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This is the current manvantara in which 27 mahA-yugas are over.

To sum up,

  • The One Day  of Creator brahmA is divided into 14 periods, called manvantaras

  • Six such periods are over. 

  • We are now in the 7th.

  • Each period has a ruler who rules over the entire earthly world.

  • He is called a  manu.

  • The name of the present manu is Vaivasvata, the son of the Sun-God.

  • Each manvantara is divided into 71 mahA-yugas (also called catur-yugas)

  • Each mahA-yuga is of 10 k = 4,320,000 years' duration.

  • We are in the 28th mahA-yuga of this manvantara.

  • Each mahA-yuga is divided into 4 yugas, called satya (= kRta), tretA, dvApara and kali - in that sequential order.

We are presently in the kali-yuga
of the 28th mahA-yuga
of the 7th manvantara of Brahma's day.
(Duration of kali-yuga is 432,000 years)

Beginning of this kali-yuga: 3102 BC
This kali-yuga (like every kali-yuga) consists of

A beginning twilight period of 36,000 years

A central period of 360,000 years

and an ending twilight period of 36,000 years.
Duration Table

kali-yuga  =  k  =  432,000 (human years)
dvApara-yuga  = 2
k =  864,000
tretA-yuga  = 3
k =1,296,000
satya-yuga  = 4k =1,728,000

One MahA-yuga =10
k  =4,320,000
One manvantara =  71
´ 10k
One manvantara-twilight = 4
(one before each manvantara and one at the end of the 14th (the last) manvantara)

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