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The duration of one day of Brahma

One day of Brahma
= 14 manvantaras +  15 manvantara twilights

(because there is an extra manvantara twilight at the end of all the manvantaras)

= 14 ´ 71 mahA-yugas  +  15 ´ 4 k  (Recall  k = 432,000)

= 994
mahA-yugas  + 60 k

= 994
mahA-yugas +  6 mahA-yugas  (note: 1 mahA-yuga = 10k )

= 1,000
  ( This confirms the verse of the Gita, quoted at  the beginning )

= 1000
´ 10 k 
4.32 billion  human years.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: (A story from the Bhagavatam).

In the satya-yuga of the first mahA-yuga of the present (vaivasvata manvantara) , i.e.,  around 120 millions of years ago there lived a king of the Solar dynasty by name Kakudmi and his beautiful daughter Revati. Not trusting the astrologers of his time, yet believing in the maxim 'Marriages are made in heaven', Kakudmi took his daughter to the world of Brahma (called Brahma-loka)  -- in every satya-yuga such things are possible - in order to ask Brahma himself as to who would be the best marital match for his daughter. Kakudmi had himself somebody in mind. But Lord Brahma was not available immediately since he was watching a dance performance. Kakudmi noted that it was 11-09 hours in Brahma's clock and waited for about 20 minutes (of that world's time!) and then he had the opportunity to ask Brahma his question.  'My dear Kakudmi', replied the Lord, 'From the time you came here your earthly world has passed through 27 mahA-yugas and so none of whom you have in mind or their descendents are alive now.  Right now people are enjoying the avatAra of Krishna there. Go back and marry your daughter to BalarAma, the elder brother of Krishna'. Thus it was that Kakudmi and Revati travelled back into the future (from the 1st mahA-yuga to the 28th mahA-yuga). Revati was married to BalarAma. Note that 1000 earthly mahA-yugas make one day of 12 'hours'of Brahma. This means
mahA-yuga = 43.2 'seconds' for Brahma; and 
Brahma's one second =100,000 human years.

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