Beach 6: The Guru

Wave 1: Miraculous lineage of mystic Masters

The ten great Masters of India whom we shall highlight in this Section had certainly the Fire of Spirituality common in all of them. But in addition to their commonality of being towering giants of spirituality, what is especially important for the understanding of the Indian psyche is the following fact:

All these masters were renouncers and ascetics.

But successive generations of householder populations of India would listen to

and follow these renouncers and ascetics, almost to the letter,

not only in matters of the Spirit

but even in secular matters

and personal problems connected with the duties of a householder.

The lives and works of all of them are available on the web at plenty of addresses; we shall therefore content ourselves to offer very brief sketches or some brief extracts from their teaching. All these names are part of our grand list of names of spiritual scientists, included in the Section on The Proof of Spirituality. However, here

we first pay our prostrations to them all at one place by listing their names below:

Adi Sankaracharya, to be referred to also as Sankara (788 - 820 A.D. date controversial)

Sri Ramanujacharya, to be referred to also as Ramanuja (1017 - 1137)

Sri Vedanta Desika, who may be referred to as Desika, (1269 - 1370)

Madhvacharya, also referred to as Madhva (1238 - 1317)

Sri Raghavendra (1595 - 1671)

Sai Baba (of Shirdi) ( ? - 1917)

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa , to be referred to as Ramakrishna (1836 - 1886)

Aurobindo (1872 - 1950)

Ramana Maharishi, to be referred to also as Ramana (1879 - 1950)

Kanchi Mahaswamigal, also called the Paramacharya (1894 - 1994)


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