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up of the five elements of matter.  Also, if body were the Self, even when it is sleeping, even when it is in coma, in fact, even after death, it should be able to recognize itself as 'I'.  The senses cannot be the Self,  because, the blind, the deaf, the lame all can recognize the 'I' in them. The vital breath prANa cannot be the Self because when the body is sleeping, the prANa is still working, but it  is not sentient as is clear from the fact that it does not recognize the purse being pick-pocketed from its body. The intellect cannot be the Self because it exists neither before nor after life in the body and even while it exists in the body it is so full of change that you can never call it the immutable!

Verse No.6

rAhu-grasta-divAkarendu sadRSo mAyA-samAcchadanAt
sanmAtraH-karaNopa-samharaNato yo'bhUt sushuptah pumAn /
prAg-asvApsam-iti-prabodha-samaye yah-pratyabhijnAyate
tasmai SrI-guru-mUrtaye nama idaM SrI-dakshiNA-mUrtaye //


To The Self, who in sleep becomes Pure Existence, on the withdrawal of the veiling by mAyA, as in the case of the sun or the moon in eclipse, and on waking recognizes, 'I have slept till now' to Him of the form of the Guru, (of the animate and the inanimate) the blessed dakshinA-mUrti, is this prostration.

This is actually a rebuttal of the Buddhist theory that the absence of knowledge in sleep shows that the Ultimate is Emptiness. This verse is a very important one, because this brings in the punch line with respect to the debate with the nihilist point of view. When there is nothing presented to consciousness, as in the case of deep sleep, it is not as if consciousness is not there. The very fact that later one is able to say  'nothing was presented to my consciousness' shows that consciousness was aware of that nothingness. So consciousness is never absent. When the sun is under eclipse, the sun does not vanish. It is there all by itself. It is our view that is mutilated and distorted. It is this wrong perception that is removed by the Guru of all

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