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and the Self minus its limitations of Ignorance-cum-Delusion which individualises it.  That these two are the same, is, in essence, the content of the statement:  tat tvam asi. The Cosmic mAyA is what makes brahman the cause of the universe. The individual avidyA (=Ignorance) is what makes the Self circumscribed and delimited. So the mahA-vAkya says

brahman minus its mAyA and the Self minus its avidyA
are identical.

This statement  'That thou Art' is not just a flattery of the individual Self; because the subject of discussion is vedanta where sentiment is not the issue. It is not just a comparison between two entities; there is no necessity to compare. It actually says they are identical. There is no status of cause and effect here; the tvam, that is the individual self,  is not the effect of Isvara as the pot is that of the potter. There is no question of attribute and subject here; because,  on the one hand, if ISvara is the subject which is attributed by the jIva-guNa then it should be mortal  and on the other hand, if jIva is the subject with ISvara-guNa  then it should be immortal. Nor is the statement just one of worship or prayer. 

Verse No.4

jnAnaM yasya tu cakshurAdi-karaNa-dvArA bahi-spanditam /
jAnAmIti tameva-bhAntam-anubhAty-etat samstaM jagat
tasmai SrI-guru-mUrtaye nama idaM SrI-dakshiNA-mUrtaye //


To Him who is luminous like the light of a great lamp set in the belly of a pot with many holes, to Him whose knowledge moves outward through the eye and other organs, to Him who shining as 'I know' makes all this entire universe known, to Him of the form of the Guru, ( who has no movement  or vibration) the blessed dakshinA-mUrti, is this prostration.

Verses 4, 5 and 6 talk about the Seer in us. It is the Light of the Spirit within that leaks out of the senses and gives Light to all the objects and experiences in the universe. This is the purport of this verse. It broadcasts  from the housetops the one Truth repeatedly proclaimed by the scriptures: 'It is not lit by the light

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