Krishna's three Secrets of Secrets in the gItA

Beach 8: One's Nature vis--vis one's Duty

Wave 2: The Secret of Secrets from the bhagavad-gItA

Drop 3 : Krishna mentions 'Secret of Secrets' thrice

In dispensing His five arguments to convince Arjuna not to be apolegetic about his duty at the battlefield Krishna builds them up along with a really elaborate discourse on five major commandments to all humanity and thus the gItA, - with 18 chapters, wherein Krishna's discourse begins in the second - the most comprehensive of all divine sermons, is born. In this discourse, there are exactly three occasions, however, when Krishna caps His teaching as a 'secret of secrets' (= guhya-tamam).

idam to te guhya-tamam pravkshyAmy-anasUyave /

jnAnam vijnAna-sahitam yaj-jnAtvA mokshyase aSubhAt // ( 9 - 1)

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iti guhyatamam Sastram idam-uktam mayA-nagha /

etad-buddhvA buddhimAn-syAt kRta-kRtyaSca bhArata // (15 - 20)

The secret referred to here is the theory of the three purushas, kshara-purusha, akshara-purusha and purushottama - the explanation of which is one of the distinguishing features of the gItA among all the scriptures of Hinduism.

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iti te jnAnam AkhyAtam guhyAd-guhyataram mayA /

vimRSyaitadaSesheNa yathecchasi tathA kuru // (18 - 63)

And then, as a final thought, almost as a postscript, He says: Now listen to My words. It is the innermost Secret of all. Because you are my favourite I am telling this to you as my confirmation of the Best that is good for you:

sarva-guhyatamam bhUyaH SRNu me paramam vacaH /

ishTo'si me dRDham-iti tato vakshyAmi te hitam // (18 -64)

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