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You are ever-liberated, perfectly pure, the Omniscient Self, the Immutable, the most Ancient Person, the One with all divine attributes, the Lord of the three worlds and guNas. You, though being the uninterrupted Witness, by your Cosmic Vision, of the state of intelligence and also the Lord of all sacrifices, are ever aloof from the jIva, the individual soul.

Now we come to the svarUpa-lakshaNa of the Lord. As explained in The Absolute As It Is, satyam jnAnaM anantaM is the definition of the Transcendental Absolute.

satyam ( Truth) is the same as sat (Absolute Existence).
jnAnaM (Knowledge) and cit (Consciousness) are the same. anantaM (Infinite) and Ananda (Bliss) are the same.

These three facets are presented in EACH of the lines (lines 1, 2 and 4) of this 10th verse of Dhruva-stuti. Since the gAytrI itself is a presentation of these three facets of the Absolute in its three lines, this 10th verse is taken to represent the gAyatrI. How the three facets of the Absolute, namely sat, cit, Ananda are presented in the lines of this verse and also in the gAyatrI is given in the followingtable.

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