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The very first verse, hits right on the dot, at the central core of Hindu philosophy, namely, the Immanence of the Absolute. This principle  is such a distinguishing feature of Hinduism that it can be said to be the essence of the whole religion. The words 'antaH praviSya' (= entered into) go back to the vedic source:

'Having created the world,  He entered it; Having entered it,
He became the Truth as well as the opposite of it
tat sRshtvA / tad-evAnu-prAviSat /
tad-anu-praviSya / saccatyaccA-bhavat

Here the 'entering' has to be understood carefully. It is not as if the world was separate from Him and then He entered it. He is the world and so there is no question of 'entering' it. The 'entering' is an understatement due to paucity of words. This is where words fail, even for the Upanishads, to describe Him and His glories. The commentators emphasize the prefix 'anu' in the word 'anu-praviSya' in the Upanishad and say that this is an indication of the characteristic of Immanence (= antar-vyApti) of the Lord; it is not a physical 'entering' or a 'becoming' but it is a case of 'being'. The Lord is within us ever from Creation.

Incidentally this is the reason why, in Hinduism,
man is not basically a sinner but is essentially divine;
the sinner in him is his acquired mind.
And this is also the reason why, every one is redeemable
if only he tunes himself with the Spirit within.
And this is also the spiritual and religious reason why,
even in secular life we should respect the dignity of Man
and give him his due.

This whole universe has Him as its Life-spirit, says the Lord in the Gita (VII - 5):

jIva-bhUtAm mahA-bAho yayedam dhAryate jagat.

There are two facets of the Spiritual Energy, the Energy of the Lord. One is called the Supreme (parA-) and the other is not-so-supreme (aparA-). The former is the one which gives life to all beings. And the latter is what makes matter what it is. This latter is made up of the five elements plus Mind plus Intellect plus Ego - these constitute the eight-fold  aparA- prakRti as it is technically called. prakRti, is simply the  Cosmic Energy of the Lord. The parA-prakRti is what makes our life tick. The infinitesimal fragment of this parA-prakRti is the  life in us. It is what makes this material body and mind have life, it is what rejuvenates our senses, it is what enlivens them, in short, without it there is no life. So Dhruva says: You are the One who are making me speak, you are the one who is making my eyes see

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