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the Upanishads become most relevant to daily life.  Worship Him with namaH, says the Upanishad -- then you will not have to worry about your desires. Strategically, then, this is the Way!

Verse No.2

ekas-tvameva bhagavan-nidam Atma-SaktyA
mAyAkhyayoru-guNayA mahad-AdyaSeshaM /
sRshTvA-nuviSya purushas-tadasad-guNeshu
nAneva dArushu vibhAvasuvad-vibhAsi //

You are just  one, O Lord, but by your own Power called mAyA Sakti consisting of the three guNas, you have caused the mahat principle and all its successor phenomena. Having thus created and entered all the diverse forms (as their inner Light) you appear as many, even as fire appears as diverse in different logs of burning wood.

mAyA the projecting Power,  is the first sprouting  from the Lord. In the scientific world we think it is the big bang that was the first event in the cosmic evolution of things. You are not supposed to ask what went on before the big bang. In Vedanta mAyA is the origin of everything including the explicit manifestation of Time (= kAla).  It is that which projects this universe and hides the Reality. The Reality is called sat.  What we see or experience in the form of the universe is (relatively) unreal  and so is called asat. The three constituents of mAyA, namely, the three guNas (satva, rajas, and tamas), make up the universe.  So the substratum of these unreal objects is the Reality of the Absolute. The Lord through his mAyA has projected the universe and has 'entered' it. It is significant that  the vedic word 'anu-viSya'  itself  is used here  signifying  the immanence of the Absolute . That is why the entire teaching of the philosophy boils down to the formula: What you see as the universe  is, in reality, brahman, not the universe.  Put in a more simplistic way this says: It is God that is everywhere. All religions say that God is everywhere. But the immanence theory of Hinduism says much more, namely,  there is nothing but God anywhere. Even when we see the Sun shining, it is not the Sun that is the Agent for the shining, but it is the Almighty that is shining through the physical object called the Sun;  (Gita 15 - 12):

yadAditya gataM tejo jagad-bhAsayate'khilam /
yac-candramasi yaccAgnau tatejo viddhi mAmakaM

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