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vande guru paramparAm

Beach 9:  Speak to God

Wave 1: Devotional Prayers - A Personal Selection

There are thousands of devotional hymns in the vast archives of Hindu scriptural literature. Each one has a spiritual, mystic and /or occult sanctity given to it by the original seer who visualised it by his devotional meditative insight. Each one has also perhaps  a mythological context in which it got the super-natural powers ascribed to it or claimed by it.  Presented below is a purely personal collection of extracts from various such hymns, generally in the Sanskrit language , unless specified otherwise. Each extract may be just one verse from a well-known hymn but the particular verse is cited here because of its (experienced) value for daily recitation or meditation. This collection is totally a personal choice of this author from his own experience and needs to be taken  as such, along with its limitations, omissions and commissions. At worst it may be taken as a sample of possible such collections. Devotional hymns have three facets: 

Glorification of the supra-natural and supra-mental.
Worship of the Transcendental Divine both in its impersonal and personal forms.
Prayer to the Almighty to grant us this or that

vAgISAdyAs-sumanasaH sarvArthAnAm upakrame /
yaM natvA kRta-kRtyAs-syuH taM namAmi gajAnanaM 
 // 1 //

(We  start with  a prayer to ganeSa). Even the deities of Speech worship Him at the start of anything. Those who start their work with prostrations to Him get their work done. To that elephant-headed God, we make our prostrations.

kumAreSa sUno guha-skanda-senA-pate Sakti-pANe mayUrAdhi-rUDha /
pulindAtmajA-kAnta bhaktArtihArin prabho tArakAre sadA rakSa mAM tvaM
 // 2  //
This comes from subrahmaNya-bhujangaM, a work of Adi Sankaracharya. This a prayer Sloka where we ask Lord SubrahmaNya to protect us always.