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kazyapa - reference in the Sun-worship chapter of the Yajur veda.
Seven Suns
In the seventh section of the sUrya-namaskAra-prazna (=Sun-worship chapter) of the Yajur Veda, there are some revealing insights about the Sun. In fact modern solar energy studies must include a research into this portion of this chapter. First it names seven suns! Does it mean that these are the seven colours of the solar spectrum? It does not say so. But throughout this chapter which is itself a treatise on the Sun, and throughout the entire body of scriptures, whenever the Sun-God is mentioned the number seven goes along with it either in the form of seven horses in His chariot or these seven Suns. The seven Suns are named:
aaroga, braaja, paThara, patanga, svarNara, jyotiSImaan, vibhaasa
Eighth Sun!
'These heat the entire space', goes the text, 'in such a way that no damage is done but they enrich everything with the downpour of the strength-giving rain', etc. Then it says -- and here comes the surprise : 'There is an eighth Sun, kazyapa, by name. He never leaves the mahaa-meru' (See explanation# below for this mahaa-meru)
cf. '
kazyapo'Sthamah; sa mahaa-merum na jahaati'
Then the mantra goes on: 'Oh Kasyapa, By the skill that you have in enriching the power of our senses, in the life-giving dalliant rays of yours which bestow nutrition on us, by that skill -- in which the seven Suns are linked to You -- may we be blessed to be in the highest peak of our efficiency'
Why seven?
Then the text goes on to mention the various speculations about what it has itself just declared. 'Some say', the text goes on,'these seven suns are the vital airs that dwell in the face; others say that they are the five senses of perception, plus the mind and the intellect.' Incidentally the seven points of entry into the body which are in the face -- namely the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils and the mouth -- are the holes which allow the seven adhyaatma-praaNas, that is, the vital airs classified as pertaining to the soul within. The five elemental fundamentals -- earth, water, fire, air and space -- together with the two principles called mahat and ahamkaara, are the seven adhibhautika praaNas, that is, the vital airs belonging to the physical plane. The seven Suns, named above, are the adhi-daivata-praaNas, that is, the vital airs pertaining to the celestial plane.
Jan.27, 1999
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