durg¡- lakºm¢ - sarasvat¢

aº·§ttara-n¡m¡vali :[1]

§m v¡gd¦vyai nama:

§m ¹¡rad¡yai nama:

§m m¡y¡yai nama:

§m n¡dar£pi²yai nama:

§m ya¹asvinyai nama:

§m sv¡dh¢na-vallabh¡yai nama:

§m h¡h¡h£h£ mukhastuty¡yai nama:

§m sarvavidy¡pras¡dinyai nama:

§m ra±jinyai nama:

§m svastik¡san¡yai nama:  10

§m aj±¡na-timiradhv¡nta-candrik¡yai nama:

§m atividy¡prad¡yinyai nama:

§m ka¨buka²·hyai nama:

§m v¢²¡g¡napriy¡yai nama:

§m ¹ara²¡gatavatsal¡yai nama:

§m ¹r¢sarasvatyai nama:

§m n¢lakuntal¡yai nama:

§m v¡²yai nama:

§m sarvap£jy¡yai nama:

§m k¤tak¤ty¡yai nama:  20

§m tatvamayyai nama:

§m n¡rad¡di-munistut¡yai nama:

§m r¡k¦ndu-vadan¡yai nama:

§m yantr¡tmik¡yai nama:

§m nalinahast¡yai nama:

§m priyav¡dinyai nama:

§m jihv¡siddhyai nama:

§m hamsav¡hinyai nama:

§m bhaktaman§har¡yai nama:

§m durg¡yai nama:   30

§m kaly¡²yai nama:

§m caturmukhapriy¡yai nama:

§m br¡ hm©yai nama:

§m bh¡ratyai nama:

§m akºar¡tmik¡yai nama:

§m aj±¡na-dhv¡nta-d¢pik¡yai nama: 36


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[1] I have seen this in my father’s notebooks.  I have not seen it anywhere else in print or otherwise.  I have enquired with a few pandits and scholars, but they also seem to be unaware of it. It may not be his original composition because he does not mention it among his works. It is a delightful piece symbiotically combining the three facets of Mother Goddess. Father used to include it in his daily pUjA. I have also been doing the same ever since.