(The Ocean of Nectar of the Gita)




Shri R. Visvanatha Sastri



Transcribed from an original composition, in 882 octavo pages

originally hand-written in grantha characters by the author, finished on 17th October 1954.

It contains 2400 Sanskrit verses (in the anusSTup metre), and purports

to be the compendium of advaitic thoughts, springing in the author's mind

with Gita as the springboard. The author himself has added a prose

commentary (vyAkhyAna) to his work . There are five chapters entitled:

1. brahmAmRtam am&t< containing 510 verses

2. PraNavAmRtam p#Nvamtm containing 466 verses

3.advaitAmRtamAEtam&t< containing 619 verses

4. JnAnAmRtam }anam&t< containing 370 verses

5. YogAmRtam yaegam&t< containing 435 verses



The fonts used are iitmsans.ttf. It can be freely downloaded from


However, in chapter 1 above, an earlier version Sans.1.2 was used. It does not show up now well in Windows XP. The work is on to reload everything under the new fonts: iitmsans.ttf . In the later chapters also the same font is proposed to be used. However in Ch.3 and Ch.5, Sanskrit2003 has also been used.


These web pages attempt to present the entire mss. in Devanagari (Sanskrit) script

with some comments in English by the author's son, V. Krishnamurthy (V.K.). The arrangement on each web page is suppposed to begin with a few verses from the original text, followed by the author's own prose commentary in Sanskrit . This is followed by the Comments in English; and again, the cycle repeats: Verses from the text, Prose commentary in Sanskrit and Comments in English.

But unfortunately this project of translation was stopped with the first chapter (and also part of the fifth chapter) because, the more important task of putting the entire mss. on the web in devagari script must first be finished within the lifetime of V.K., lest the mss. ( a full copy of which has been deposited in the KSRI Library at Mylapore, Chennai, while the original two-volume set itself is in the personal possession of VK) may never see daylight. So the task of simply transliterating the work in devanagari and putting it on the web is on now (as of October 2006).

A chart indicating the progress made so far is available in Progresschart.

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