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mdq hnmdaEOr namavL: [1]

` hnmtE nm:


` ABtpvI-fByE nm:

` AnagBI-sBvay nm:

` nBvr-s|p#aOay nm:

` dOkalag"-sBay nm:

` BnBaEOrBad-P[rr-ghamKay nm:

` Banbb-PlaEsahay nm:

` Playt-vd^tday nm:

` eEravN-g#h-yg#ay nm:

` k[lS-g#snaEmKay nm:

` srasr-yDaBEay nm: 10

` cWyBEdnE nm:

` praEdyay nm:

` hnmtE nm:

` Atvyatay nm:

` p#yatblpxay nm:

` SKavtE nm:

` rnmray nm:

` vNIpaEOrcday nm:

` v魯ly-yOaEpvtnE nm:

` mNk[flay nm: 20

` hEmm - smabay nm:

` Sjabndp#Bay nm:

` knkpn-pzvtE nm:

` vzSKag#yW nm:

` s|hs|hnnakaray nm:

` tNakI-nBannay nm:

` vSb|dk]tmnsE nm:

` tO - camkrEXNay nm:

` vj#-dEhay nm:

` vj#-nKay nm: 30

` vj#s|pSI- valDyE nm:

` Ayaht-mnaEvEgay nm:

` hrd-rTangay nm:

` sarg#hN- catyaIy nm:

` Sdb#'Wk-pargay nm:

` p|pavn-cray nm: 36

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I have seen this in my fathers notebooks. I have not seen it anywhere else in print. I have also enquired with a few scholars and pundits. They seem to be unaware of its existence. I am sure it is not my fathers original composition, because I remember to have seen a phala-zruti for this where some purANa is mentioned (I dont remember which). I have seen my father use this in his pUjA daily.