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46. Aum SrI sAi mukti-pradAya namaH
52. Aum SrI sAi sarva-pApa-kshaya-karAya namaH
93. Aum SrI sAi karma-dhvamsine namaH

These three names focus on (two of the five)  Divine functions which emanate from the lotus feet of the Lord.  Let us imagine the Lord as naTa-rAja, the Cosmic dancer. His raised foot, namely, the left foot, is the one which does the function of Grace. that is what gives us moksha (also known as mukti), release from the transmigratory cycle of births and deaths.  Therefore He is called  mukti-prada, the One who grants moksha.
The other foot, the held foot of Lord
naTa-rAja, (the right foot) has the divine function of tirodhAna, namely, obliteration, vanishing, disappearance. This is the magic foot of the Lord. It obliterates all our sins. Remember, when Siva operates the dissolution of the universe and merges everything in Himself at the time of deluge, everything merges into Him certainly; but that is not the end of our karma. Our karma, as well as our souls lie latent in Him, ready to spurt out at the time of next creation - in due cosmic time. So even though everything dissolves, our karma does not. We will born again on the next day of karma, to continue our journey to Perfection, in our own slow pace.  And in the process of being reborn, we accumulate more karma, good and bad and we  get more and more involved in the cycle of samsAra. If this has to be cut, our karma balance has to be struck off. This is the bonus function of the held foot of the Lord, namely His right foot. That is why He is called

karma-dhvamsI ,

the one who destroys, obliterates, our karma. We should not omit to propitiate  His right foot, therefore, when we do pAda-namaskAr, if we want our karma to be nullified.

This last idea is my personal opinion.
I  pray to BhagavAn to correct me if I am wrong in this.

By the same reason, He is  the destroyer of all our sins: sarva, all; pApa, sin; kshaya, expiry; kshaya-kara, destroyer.
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