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Even the devil has to quote scriptures! Listen to Queen Kaikeyi blackmailing King Dasaratha into agreeing to send Rama to the forest, by cornering him in the name of adherence to Truth: (Valmiki Ramayana, 2 - 14 - 6, 7):

saritAm tu patiH svalpAM maryAdAM satyam-anvitaH /
satyAnurodhAt samaye velAm svAM nAtivartate //
satyam-eka-padam brahma satye dharmaH pratishTitaH /
satyam-evAkshayA vedAH satyenA-vApyate paraM //
Wedded to truthfulness the ocean for its part does not even at the time of flow-tide transgress its limits  because of its respect for truth.
Truth is
brahman  denoted by the mono-syllabic OM; dharma is rooted in Truth. The immortal vedas represent Truth alone.
The Supreme is attained through Truthfulness.

The entire Ramayana story hinges on the single resolution of Rama based on his obligation to carry out his father's word, come what may; here he is seen consoling Lakshmana who could not tolerate the injustice done to the Lord by the father: (Valmiki Ramayana, 2 - 22 - 9):

satyas-satyA-bhisandhaSca nityam satya-parAkramaH /
paraloka-bhayAd-bhIto nirbhayo'stu pitA mama //
Let my father, who is ever truthful, true to his promise, truly valiant and afraid of falsehood be rid of fear (in the other world)

Here is Sanatkumara, the divine sage, sermonising  to King Dhritarashtra on the latter's specific questions to him on Immortality: (mahA-bhArata, udyoga-parva, SanatsujAtIyam, 2-30):

satyAtmA bhava rAjendra satye lokAH pratishTitAH /
tAmstu satya-mukhAn-AhuH satye hyamRtam-AhitaM//
Oh King, Be full of Truth, all the worlds are established in Truth.
All of them are said to be dependent on Truth
for their survival. In Truth lies

One of the most important divine descents was when the Lord appeared as nara-simha (half-man-half-lion) to bless the boy Prahlada. God appeared at that time  from the pillar in that fashion, says Vyasa, the author of the bhAgavatam, to prove true the words of his favourite: (bhAgavatam, 7 - 8 - 18):

satyam vidhAtum nija-bhRtya-bhAshitam

The favourite whose words He had to prove true was not just the boy-devotee Prahlada. He  had with infinite confidence in the Lord  declared a little while before that God is everywhere and he certainly sees Him in the pillar indicated by the father HiraNya-kaSipu. That was certainly to be vindicated. But  there was more.  Brahma the Creator had given the demon an unusual boon that he will not meet his death with either a man or an animal, with anything created by the Creator or not, with any weapon, the death will not occur either inside or outside, day or night, either on earth or above in the sky, either by the living or non-living, or by the demigods. All this had to be simultaneously

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