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vindicated. The complicated avatAra of the Lord had to be that way in order to establish  so many facets of satya!

From  the Tamil tirukkuRaL:(No.292) :

poymaiyum vAymai iDatta purai tIrnda
nanmai payakkum enin /
If the result can be an unadulterated good,
even untrue words can be considered as truthful.

Here is an interesting episode in the sundarakANDa of Valmiki Ramayana. Hanuman has finally located Sita in the Ashoka garden, met her, talked with her, reassured her, exchanged tokens with her, takes leave of her. Then he decides to do sufficient havoc to the fruits and trees in the garden so that he attracts attention from the demonesses. They go to Sita and ask her who this monkey is, with whom she was seen conversing. Sita replies that she does not know him and this statement of Sita is a constant topic for debate among scholars whether Sita was right in denying knowledge about Hanuman. Her actual words are: (Sundara-kanda, 42 - 8, 9, 10):

rakshasAM kAma-rUpANAM vijnAne kA gatir-mama //
yUvam-eva-asya jAnIta yo'yaM yad-vA karishyati /
ahireva hyaheH pAdAn vijAnati na saMSayaH //
aham-apy-atibhItAsmi naiva jAnAmi ko'hyayaM /
vedmi rAkshasam-evainaM kAma-rUpiNam-AgataM //
What means do I have for knowing about Rakshasas who take forms at will?
You alone ought to know who he is and what he is about.
Indeed a serpent alone has true knowledge about
the movements of a serpent. No doubt about it.
I too am exceedingly frightened and do not at all know who he really is.
Of course I think he is a Rakshasa who can change his form at will.

NON-VIOLENCE, ahimsA, the fifth cardinal virtue, is a social virtue which is usually not well understood, even in the country of its origin and in the country which mothered the greatest apostle of non-violence who ever lived. Non-violence is a concept which is not binary, that is, there is nothing like, 'This is nonviolence and that is not'. It is a continuous concept, like, say, temperature. It is a whole spectrum of qualities;  there are shades and shades of violence and non-violence. Just as absolute Truth or absolute Purity is an ideal, absolute Non-violence is also an ideal. Naturally there can be degrees of non-violence. What is recommended is that one should move closer and closer to that ideal.  As a consequence, the spectrum of the allied concept of vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism also varies from the extreme of cannibalism to the other extreme of not even breathing plain, unfiltered air lest you hurt the germs in it!

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