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touches the divine feet of the Mother. The dust of the divine feet is crimson in colour since the divine feet are always painted that way. The crimson dust sticks to the head of Lady Sruti exactly at the parting of the front hair. Thus arises the name: The Divinity the dust of whose lotus feet has crimson-coloured the parting of the hair on the head of Sruti. More importantly, the dust of the divine feet on the head of Sruti is an indication that even though Sruti may be of vast content and knowledge, Her knowledge of the divine Mother could only be a speck! This does not mean, however, that our reading of the vedas could be of no use in our spiritual path; without the vedas and the grand pronouncements in the vedas we have no way of ever knowing 'That Thou Art'! A quick, though inadequate, summary of some of the 28 verses of the Sruti-gItA with their characteristic use of Upanishadic concepts and expressions,  is attempted below. We shall  be giving the original text in Sanskrit only occasionally. The purport of each verse that we select 

(please note that I have selected only
12 out of the 28 verses, mostly because
that was all what I could manage :
but experts have assured me
that these ten are sufficiently representative
of the message of the full hymn and they are perhaps
the most difficult and most dense in content

is given first in a rather condensed form and then we follow it up with an explanation, meanings of difficult word-combinations and a  commentary.  We follow, as far as possible, the vyAkhyAna by the commentastor, nIlakanTha.

Verse 14 (of the 87th chapter) : Sruti-gItA - 1

jaya jaya jahy-ajAM ajita dosha-gRbhIta-guNAM
tvam-asi yad-AtmanA samavaruddha-samasta-bhagaH /
aga-jagad-okasAM akhila-Sakty-avabodhaka te
kvacid-ajayA-'tmanAca carato'nucaren-nigamaH //

Oh Unconquered Lord, You are the One endowed with all the glories. Oh awakener of all the powers in the souls! You are the only One who can overpower the beginningless mAyA, your own Sakti, which keeps all beings ( with mobile or  immobile bodies )  under its spell and which  has taken on itself the three guNas along with their nature  (of throwing souls into bondage). At the beginning of Creation, you  with your mAyA as well as  all by yourself you sport; so do we,  the vedas,  speak of You.

dosha-gRbhIta-guNAM  -  (Her) who has taken over the characteristic (three) guNas for their 'evil purpose' .

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