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aga-jagad-okasAM - :  aga, unmoving; jagat, moving; okasAM, (in the case of) embodied souls.

It is significant to note that, at the very beginning of creation, even before creation starts,  the vedas have already recognized Him as the progenitor of mAyA. It is the beginningless Ignorance  (anAdy-avidyA)  that through the three guNas obscures the blissful state of the jIva and makes the beings unaware of their eternal state.  You can do it because, we, the vedas  say, know that you can be in both the states, the state of being in Your own Self and also the state of being in unison with Her. Commentator nIlakaNTha says this verse has encapsuled the entire store of scriptural knowledge.

Verse No.15 : Sruti-gItA- 2

yata udayAstamayau vikRter-mRd-ivA-vikRtAt /
ata Rshayo dadhus-tvayi mano-vacanA-caritaM
katham-ayathA bhavanti bhuvi datta-padAni nRNAM //

The wise recognize this Universe to be brahman, because it is brahman that is the residual. It is from and into brahman that the universe emanates and dissolves - just as from earth earthenware rise and fall. Therefore when we glorify any God  by words contemplated by the mind, and names spoken by the tongue  the praise has to go only to you. Placing one's foot on a mountain does not mean that one is keeping his feet not on Earth.

etat upalabdhaM bRhat :- This visible universe is brahman
mano-vacanA-caritaM  :- executed by the mind and the speech.
ayathA:- not (placed) on Earth.
vacana-AcaritaM (the essence of Vedanta) tvayi (is in you) ataH (therefore) RshayaH (the sages)    mano dadhuH (fixed their mind)  (tvayi  = in your Ultimate Form).

It is brahman that is the residual after everything is gone. So the Cause is to be known, not the effect. Knowing the cause, we know everything that has to be known. Before manifestation, and after dissolution, whatever is existent is the Absolute Truth. The vedas in their text talk of different Gods, but these are only names and forms. All of them ultimately go only to the Permanent Absolute.

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