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from which the veins and arteries branch out. Thence proceeds upwards , O infinite Lord, the artery leading to the head (in fact, to You). Reaching this path men do not fall again into the jaws of Death here.

kUrpa-dRSaH  : Those whose vision is clouded by the quality of rajas and therefore cannot see the subtleties of the Spirit
kUrpa also means 'subtle' . If we take this meaning then kUrpa-dRSaH will mean those who have a subtle vision; they start with meditation on the maNipUraka located on the sushumna-nADi opposite the navel  and rise up.
parisara-paddhatim  :  that which is the royal route for the nADis which are spread in all quarters.

The meditation referred to is the standard path of rAja-yoga  which makes the
kundalinI rise through the six cakras and finally reach the sahasrAra cakra in the head.  It is the meditation on the Absolute attributeless brahman.

Verse No.19:  Sruti gItA - 6

sva-kRta-vicitra-yonishu viSanniva hetutayA
taratamataS-cakAs-syanalavat-sva-kRtAnukRtiH /
atha vitathAs-vamUsh-vavitatham tava dhAma samam
viraja-dhiyo'nvayanty-abhivipaNyava ekarasam //

Entering as it were the diverse types of living organisms evolved by yourself, though (as a matter of fact) You already existed in them as their (material) cause, and assuming those forms, You shine (through them) as high or low like fire. Therefore, men of unclouded judgment, who do not expect any (worldly or other-worldly) reward of their actions, recognize your true nature as the one immutable, undifferentiated and uniform substance in those unreal forms.

taratamataH : in the small and in the great; almost;  both in the high and in the low.
abhivipaNyavaH :  those who have divested themselves of all attachment, either here or hereafter, either in this world or in the other worlds.
analavat cakAsi : Fire though undifferentiated in itself assumes diverse shapes accprding to the shape of the logs of firewood.

As a mathematician, this author knows, and all scientists would know it, how tightly, at the same time without loss of precision,

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