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expression of vibrant Energy. The Form of the Bliss-filled Goddess is sublated by the sat-cid-Ananda Form of dakshiNA-mUrti. That is why She is called dakshiNA-mUrti-rUpiNI in the lalitA-sahasranAma.

Verse No.1

viSvam darpaNa-dRSyamAna-nagarI tulyam nijAntar-gataM
paSyan-nAtmani mAyayA bahirivo-dbhUtam yathA nidrayA /
yas-sAkshAt-kurute prabodha-samaye svAtmAnam-evAdvayaM
tasmai SrI-guru-mUrtaye nama idaM SrI-dakshiNA-mUrtaye // 


To Him who, by mAyA, who sees  in Himself `the universe which is inside Him as if it were outside, just as in a dream,  like unto a city that is seen in a mirror,  to Him who apprehends on awakening, His own  Self as the One without a second, to Him of the form of the Guru, (the ancient of all) the blessed dakshinA-mUrti, is this prostration.

Verses 1, 2 and 3 dwell on the origin of the universe and its philosophical implications. In this verse there are two analogies cited. One is that of the dream, and the other that of the appearance of reflection in a mirror.  Each serves a purpose. The dream analogy says that unless we wake up from the dream we cannot see the falsity of the dream.  The mirror analogy says that even as we experience the reflection before us we know its falsity; so also even as we experience  the presence of this universe 'outside' of us , we must realise their falsity, because it is only a projection  of the real Self within.
There is another point of distinction between the dream analogy and the mirror-reflection analogy.  In the dream analogy what is really 'within' appears as 'outside'.  In the analogy of the mirror-reflection what is really outside of the mirror appears as 'within' the mirror.  We have to extrapolate both the analogies and understand that the universe is actually within us but appears as outside of us by the sheer force of the projecting power of
The purport of this verse is to tell us that
brahman is the Truth, the visible universe is only an appearance and to that extent it

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