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whatever number of terms you take, even if it be in millions you will never get the actual value of the number  e.  This is what is happening in the approximation of Science to Spiritual Reality. However forward  Science may move  in terms of understanding Reality, there will be questions at the end for which you will have to resort to the concept of 'tvad-dattayA'!

Verse No.4

nUnaM vimushTa-matayas-tava mAyayA te
ye tvAm bhavApyaya-vimokshaNam-anya-hetoH /
arcanti kalpaka-taruM kuNapopa-bhogyaM
icchanti yat-sparSajaM niraye'pi nRNAM //

You are the One who can grant the release from birth and death. But if people worship you for other benefits and ask you, who are a wish-fulfilling tree, material pleasures to be experienced by the body, which is itself no better than a corpse, their intelligence has certainly been confounded  by mAyA; because the material pleasures can be experienced even in hell. 

We are all of crooked intelligence, says this verse. Why?  The Lord is a wish-fulfilling tree who can give even the final release from births and deaths. Instead of asking this of the Lord  we ask from  him all sorts of mundane transitory realities. Remember, Dhruva came to the forest to do penance, to see the Lord and ask of Him how he can get onto the lap of his father  - the 'privilege'  denied to  him by his step-mother.  But now, the very Lord that is speaking through him has probably made him forget that  mundane triviality.

The most significant word in this verse is bhavApyaya-vimokshaNaM, meaning 'the release from birth (bhava) and death (apyaya)'.  On the face of it this means the release from the transmigratory cycle. But it means more. It means release from three bondages which cause this transmigratory  whirl. They are kartRtvaM (the feeling that I am the doer), bhoktRtvaM (the feeling that I am the experiencer) and ajnAnaM (Ignorance of the Reality). The first one is the series of thoughts like: I did this , therefore I am  meritorious; I did that, therefore I am sinful. The second one is the series of thoughts like: I am happy; I am sorrowful. These two feelings of agency as the doer and agency as the experiencer are caused by a further root cause, namely Ignorance. This Ignorance is that of not knowing  the Self as different from the body-mind-intellect.  It superim

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