The mUlAdhAra cakra is said to be a big storehouse of the mysterious controlling energy, known as the kundalini, which 'sleeps' as it were, at the mUlAdhAra. As it awakens and evolves, it travels upward through the central spinal system, namely, the suSumnA. While it does so it is imperceptible to the senses. But every day it expresses itself in all our activities. Particularly the expression of it in the form of the human voice is known as the manifestation of the nAda brahman (the Music Absolute). Thus in the perfection of the human voice the primeval energy comes to prominence through the words, sentences and mantras we utter. We do not realize, in our normal ignorance, that it is the Absolute Supreme that is expressing itself through our human voice and that the satisfaction we derive in saying whatever we say is only an iota of that Infinite Bliss which is in us. If we could only recite the names of God unendingly, it would take us towards an identity with that nAda brahman at every step. A bhajan of the several names of the Infinite Being creates the necessary vibrations, starting from the mUlAdhAra cakra. An unceasing nAma-samkIrtana (the singing of God's names) cleanses the crust of vAsanAs that has been accumulated over several births, and thus paves the way for the stored-up kundalini energy to get tuned to the frequency of the Infinite Energy in the Cosmos.
Just as the jIvAtmA is in essence the paramAtmA so also the kundalinI zakti is in essence the parAzakti, the Energy Supreme. It is in fact the entire potentiality of Man and it remains at its seat like a coiled serpent, until kindled by yogic practices. It is completely asleep or unmanifest in ordinary mortals. An infinitesimal part of it is active and that is sufficient for us to carry on our normal work. If one follows the yogic disciplines with faith, with the prerequisites prescribed in aSTAnga-yoga, the kundalini can be awakened and made to travel upward from one cakra to another, and as this happens one will have novel experiences. But as long as it does not rise at least to the AjnA cakra, the mind only dwells in the carnal plane. If however, one takes it up to the AjnA cakra level, then direct knowledge of the Supreme is only a little way beyond and there is no fall for one who has achieved this.
The ultimate purpose of the awakening of the kundalini by intense yoga is to bring it in unison with the Supreme Spirit, the only sentient principle in the universe, who lives in the mystical thousand-pillared lotus in the head, called the sahsrAra cakra beyond the six cakras. To be completely merged in the sahsrAra cakra with the parAzakti is what is known as reaching the seventh plane of consciousness. One in a million may be able to achieve this but every one may try to reach it. The effort itself is worth it, because it is the first step towards the goal.
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March 3, 1999
Copyright V. Krishnamurthy