Thus Vedanta is more 'scientific' than the sciences. It is the science of the Inner Self. It starts from different axioms, but its methodology is the same -- experiment, observation, conjecture, further experiment, observation, inference and so on.
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All this however goes on in the realms of the Inner World. As this experimentation progresses, the Inner Self unfolds itself, as it were.
QUESTION: All this is unbelievable. How can I believe it when I have no such experience?
The answer to such doubts is this. You are like my village astrologer, who does not believe that Saturn has rings. I tell him: 'Come to my University, we have a telescope there. Come on an evening when Saturn is visible in the night sky. Then I will show you Saturn's rings'. But he says: 'No, they can't be the real thing; they are your hallucinations. Probably they are created by your own equipment. Unless you can show me Saturn's rings for my own plain eyes to see I will not believe in them'!
Your disbelief of the mystic's word is exactly like this. What right do you have, to tell mystics like Aurobindo that what he says is a figment of his imagination? Do I doubt you a physicist when you say that you have 'observed' the bizarre wave-particle duality of light by the famous two-hole experiment though I have not myself done the experiment? If you are a good scientist, the most that you can do is to get away by saying: 'Well, I don't understand your Aurobindo's experiment'.
Can a scientist afford to be dogmatic?
What is a miracle? Miracle is an event which goes against one or more of the known scientific laws. Until the scientist sees the miracle with his own eyes and has tested it under several circumstances he would not believe in it nor would he believe that it happened. Fair enough. But let him not be unscientific enough to say that 'Miracles can never happen'. In order that this statement may be true we have to accept a universal law to the effect that 'Everything in the world has to happen only according to scientific laws'. But there is no such law!. It can only be a dogma of the uninformed scientist. Miracles, for all we know, may be the visiting cards of God's presence. You may ask me, 'Who told you so?' Well, certainly not Science.
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February 2, 1999
Copyright V. Krishnamurthy