'... then we would know the mind of God', says Stephen Hawking.
At the end of his long masterly tour de force on
'A brief History of Time'
Stephen Hawking says in effect:
If Man discovers the unification of
Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
and if it is made understandable to most of us,
then we shall find the answer to the question
'Why is it that we and the Universe exist?'.
If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason --
for then
we would know the mind of God,
says Stephen Hawking.
On the other hand, the spiritual experience
of the Vedantic seers of Hinduism -- like
Agastya, Janaka, Kapila,
Markandeya, Narada, Paraara,
Patanjali, Vyasa, Vasishta,
Sanatkumara, Uddlaka and Yajnavalkya
says we may never know the Mind of God!
In historical times great philosophers, saints and seers
from the land of India
have also given their verdict on this
while dwelling on their spiritual experiences.
'Why should we believe them?'
is the natural question of a modern student-teenager.
It is a Frequently-Asked-Question.
Scientists and Teachers of Science who vouchsafe to the dual behaviour of light have not necessarily carried out the expensive two-hole experiment themselves. They rely on other scientists who have actually done the experiment and recorded their results. Also there are several other more easily verifiable results which are consequences of the dual behaviour of light and so, even though the whole concept is bizarre, Scientists accept it as a fact of Science.
In the same manner ordinary people do not have to be able to have a direct confirmation of spirituality or of the fact there is a mystic Power beyond our rationale.
There have been great devotees of the Lord whose devotion to the Lord is as great, if not greater, as the devotion of the greatest Nobel-laureates to Science. They have affirmed many spiritual truths by their direct intuition. Just a run through the names of these Spiritual Scientists would itself be impressive if not overwhelming. They are listed in a centurial chronological order below, for want of a better order, along with a few words about their importance to the field of Spirituality.
February 2, 1999
Copyright V. Krishnamurthy
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