Gita-Nectar: I - 60 to 67 with English Comments

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AOap ma| c SaDt p#p| /jIn| p#t .

Bqya ma|| ABvOay SrN| gtmrqhs .. 60 ..

it sarTnacaE| paTIy c mhamn: .

aBOanyaEgat SryEnWkta| BjEt .. 61 ..

svIѤlIBmp Bqya tpsa c sayaE Bvt . BnaIm BgvtEn Atramna

BgvanEk ev Ay: AvSytE vmaOtya . Avayvj||Btnsars|sarmflE

tdtyaImvEn tavaBavp#kaSkvEn tsOap#yaIndvEn tdyaraEpapvaddaExapvEn

c ekBt: prmama y: s evah| AhmEv s: it BBIjn| prmp#EmlXNamk|. svaImk

ekakarEN vatrpraBav: yEn tytE taS| tp: yEn c dEvjgp#aOpjnadx

ttyaEtrEv pSyynyB: . exWvaKfSrNagt: it s|yaOyE{p p#tdnmaytE

ydEv prp#aOryytE . SByanyaEgsmaDB: tmEv SrN| gC iyp Bgvta

upd: gtatE c . svI| jgc BgvanyE svI| nat BgvanEv svIOatE it

yp#py Aytas|Bv ev baEytE tyqyadB: . tmadEv SrNagtrhy|

mhamnamnBvp#maNW: satk]t| AtyamavTan| iyah .. 60, 61 ..

I - 60, 61: The thesis on Surrender continues. Arjuna-performs such a surrender to the Lord in the beginning of the gItA. bhaktyA mAm abhijAnAti this is the Lords declaration almost at the end of the gItA. What is bhakti? The inner core of the mind should have the conviction that God is One and non-dual. The bottom line, the substratum, the final residual is He. The universe and the life in this universe are purposeless if this fickleness of what is visible is not realised. He is the One immanent in everything. He is the One who shines as Existence and Non-existence . He is the Knowledge and the Bliss. What is superimposed on Him by our two-fold Ignorance does not touch Him. He is the Soul of our Soul; in our core of all cores we are divine. It is this thought, this conviction that will give us the Universal Love. This is bhakti. He who pervades everything encompasses the entirety. There is nothing that is not He. When we see Him and worship Him in the forms of deities, in noble souls, in the real brAhmanas, in the guru, and in the wise, when we see Him alone and nothing else, that is bhakti and that is the universal surrender to the absolute. All the world is divine means that whatever one sees is divine and so what you see is not false but in reality it is God. This is the hidden meaning of zaraNAgati.


AKfrstaday| rhy| SrNagtE: .

nyaSrrpv| rhy| SrNagtE: .. 62 ..

b#'amWyakarvO: rhy| SrNagtE: .

vatrattaBav: rhy| SrNagtE: .. 63 ..

ekk]tOpYa rhy| SrNagtE: .

yyagatvBmaO: rhy| SrNagtE: .. 64 ..

vasdEvtapO: rhy| SrNagtE: .

nmInkE sarsar| rhy| AnBytE .. 65 ..

ev| nyamt SrN| vdtamna| .

y| vna n p#clt| S: kyap BtlE .. 66 ..

SrNagtrXNantr| vty| n s|gCtE . AayayBavaE n vtE . sdstaE:

samanaDkryaBavat s|yaEgs|bDE st: Asv| yat . tadays|bDE sa

AsvEt Asa svEt . vxyvxyBavs|bDE Ast: sv| yat .

taday ekkrNadn laEkanvadn . kptana| vatrana| nrsnmEv

AamWyOansaDk| . Amtyy nysvat naO p#aOvIvXta .

AtrsnEn BvDna: it tgtaEsat: ekv ev pyIvyt .

svIclnhEtrp AykataEyt uOmyaEtrEv . dvaraO| ctyva svIdEhy

calk| . Aaman| bhpyGW: nmIlk]ymans| . ttvpE ydatEt s maE

nEtraE jn: it mhtamaSy: .. 62-66 ..

I - 62-66: The secret significance of surrender is extolled here in five verses. Once the surrender is accepted by the Lord, all duality is gone for the devotee. The one who surrenders, and the one who is surrendered to are now one. That which exists and that which does not exist have no coexistence! The relationship is neither that of equality, nor identity, nor attributory. In the first case it will lead to the non-existence of Existence; in the second case, either Existence has to be non-existent, or Non-existence has to exist; in the third case it leads to the existence of non-existence. When we say that duality is gone, it is only by way of courtesy and an insufficiency of language. For, there was never any duality! What has been superimposed on Reality has just to be removed or eradicated; that itself reveals the Truth. No more effort is needed to assert the Truth. So the removal of the non-self is the purpose of all rituals and all teaching. So says the zruti-gItA also in the bhAgavataM.


dTmOBav: savaIyy c lXN| .

Anya h cdd#: htd| vavSExt: .. 67 ..

adSmasas|vsr: ptIvOy imE laEka: Asavady ekv|S: it ya

mOs|vsrama . svIBtEx b#'adTavratEx ek| mWO| Bav| yy d vtItE

s ev cdd#ymnBvt . Wtvtp#tBanmEv Sat| Bvt . vmaOkpNIya

vrajtE .. 67 ..

I - 67: The universal friendly feeling and conviction are the marks of an Enlightened Mind. The absence of a second entity is what makes for Peace. That one who has in his heart the attitude of divine identity with the entire world he is the one who reaps the Eternal Harvest. The word zrIH woven into this verse leads to the next few verses.

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