Gita-Nectar: I - 152 to 163 with English Comments

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v|dpINm|OEN vpaOantaE jna: .

vWpryEn yt Oat| t?t yTatT| = 152 =

tmY| p#kzk]y vvp| c baEytE .

n ma|| Ѥk]tnaE mFa: Aasr| Bavmata: = 153 =

p#ptE mayyEt ttaE BgIrys .

Bkqya say Bgvan tvtaE OaytE kl = 154 =

OanandmyaE dEv: AOanEnavtaE BvEt .

vtt: vvp| c yaEtxamOm| vѤ: = 155 =

svaIvBask| yaEt: AKf| vEkpk| .

kTmav#ytE yaEt: iyEtmhd^t| = 156 =

AOanEnavt| Oan| tEn m/tt gtaEkqya tkayIp#py sytag#hN| mYmt

nDaIyI tras: ktIy: it vpOanmEv baEytE Aad . dEhEd#yadx AamBavEn

mlavamaFa mFa: . tExa| ktIy| ktIy袾: gaFmavtaBt . mlaOanavtB|gEnWv

dEhad Aamamyad ABmanB|gaE Bvt . AnyBkqya yjn| @ytE

tlXNmTmEvEt SkacayaI mytE . Aaman| svIBtEx svIBtan camn it

svaImBav|gta Ba OannaE Bvt . vyaEtx: uOmvadEv nOgyamvyaEtx

tmaEpmOan| p#vy yaEtryDkraEtt Aytms|BavtmEv . tmsa Aav#ymaN| cEt

yaEtrEv n Bvt . AOanmEv n k]t: it vraht: = 152-156 =

I- 152-156: The visible universe is like the city within the mirror - says the first sloka of dakshinAmurti ashtakam. We receive knowledge through our senses and even when it is contrary to Truth we swear by it. This is nothing but foolishness. Such fools can never reach Me, says the Lord. It is only by Bhakti, steadfast Devotion to Him, one can reach Him. The Infinite Light and Knowledge is hidden by a colossal Ignorance. The very phenomenon of the Infinite Consciousness being hidden like this is the cosmic mystery!


AnadvasnadaExat vatr| h sytE .

tmn ytDysvI vp| vmryhaE = 157 =

vp| c mhadSI: vbbytaE{p s: .

Sp#zks|kaSdpINaDtmyp = 158 =

AOava vy pNIv| dEhmaODya vt: .

v| cracr| pyn bhBaIt| c svIt: = 159 =

vBm" ytE svI| it Oan| n jaytE .

p#aySaE maEhjalEn vEta nraDma: = 160 =

vp#kaSyaEtx tmaEp AOanmEv n s|Bvt . tTap Anadvasnablat vatr|

Ap#kaS| vt kytE yTa raO kdlvnE caEratv| . balkptyXvt tdaFcO:

n vp| p#tptE . ydEv sy| cOa#vtm| . vpaOany dEhDrEv hEt: .

jmatrydBaIyadEv vBma h yTavt n OaytE . vp| prC| mva vayvt

prky maEhat Ѥ:K| p#ap"vt mgp#aya nraDma: . vBman| yTavt yaE vEd tmEv svI|

kmI @ytE tOv svI dEva: Aayt gCt c . svIxa| lyaE{p tOv . tyWv prpNIvat

s: Aba/: Antr: k]a": p#OanGn: it barqhdaryktE: = 157-160 =

I - 157-160 : By sheer accumulation of vASanAs over a length of time one creates for himself the multiplicity of the universe, just one imagines in darkness the presence of the ghost in yonder trees. Having lost themselves like this, alas, they forget their own Nature. This forgetting of one's own Real Nature is due to the attachment to the non-self, that is, the body. We think of ourselves as finite and so we cognize objects other than ourselves. And thus we invite all trouble for ourselves. On the other hand the realisation that I am the Infinite Self is the consummation of all scriptures, of all Knowledge .He who understaands the infiniteness of one's own Self does all actions in that Infinity, that is where all the divines present themselves.


mBmx cayt| jlmadatmCt |.

jnaE yOTayO kptpSIj| sK| = 161 =

AnBaE[| tTECt vasnamydSInat .

spIB#aya maEhty rjvE maEhtE FE = 162 =

spIy vlyaE rva| BavadEv c syt .

tTaO SaOdarqYEn vmadSIbbvt = 163 =


taEyE yt cd#v| mk[rE yt p#tbbv| mBmx | taEy| AsdEvEt ny: .

yt: sa Bm: n kdap Aarqd#@ytE kpttaEyEn mhap#vahvtap . evmEv vxyBaEg:

p#ayItE jnW: vxyandy b#'andE kptvat . vasnamyan B#atk]tan

sKlESvjItanp Ѥ:Kp#ayan BaE[mCt sKB#aya . rj yTa spIB#at:

nvtIta tda pvIspIy rjavEv ly: sms: . BavEn rj p#Tmt: spI: ABat .

BavspIy Bav ev ly: y| v[| . tTWv vvpE ymBat AOandSaya|

ty natvE baEDtE SaOat Oanat tlyaE BvyEv . yE h s|pSIja it = 161-163 =

I - 161-163 The watery appearance superposed on the desert sand cannot supply water. So also the sensory pleasures that are imagined by us cannot bring us real happiness. The pleasure felt is only a superposition on the substratum that is the Bliss of the Infinite. The aggregate of tendencies that we have brought with us make us think of the snake where there is only the rope. The sight of the snake is only a visual phenomenon. The same phenomenon can take the snake back into the rope . In the same way the universe that is manifest is only a superposition on the substratum of the Absolute. So we should negate the universe by taking it back (dissolving it ) into the Absolute. Recall Sloka: 5 - 22 of the Gita: ye hi samsparSajA . Meaning,: Whatever enjoyment seemingly appears to exist in external contacts in fact results in great unhappiness. Even this apparent happiness has a definite beginning and an end, so the wise man does not rejoice in that.

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