Gita-Nectar: I - 212 to 226 with English Comments


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vxyaNa||| skxI AamWd#ymp#z| = 212 =

tdak]tmnaE yc Oan| p#ztr| BvEt .

b| Oan| yda Bat tda p#ztm| BvEt = 213 =

kalyatsmvat n pTkq tOdak]t: |.

ekXNE jat iv yvharEx ytE = 214 =

ev| svOk| Oan| yap"tE vxyanh |.

vxyaOans|yaEgE vOrOannaSk = 215 =

vxyp#rN| Oanat BvEdp#tbDk| .

vOkayI| OankayI| eEkayEn p#tytE = 216 =

vkpaE vvDyatrt svIp#yyana| lyTan| OanmEv sSk| . p#t|| vna

kayaIpOrs|Bvat tOxyskxaIpEXya At:krNy tdakarv| lkkp#yXEx

baEy| . praEXE t tdnpEXta yTa p#zkbb| vCtEjsa Gzadnpaday tdakarmadOE

tTa vxyakarta id#yaNa| p#Tmt: . Antr| mn:prNamE kmdmt s|SyaE Bvt

tt: bprNamE GzaE{ymt nyaE Bvt = 212-216 =

I - 212-216: Unless there is a duality there is no action, no effect. The inner organ conceives a form dependent on the object in its 'presence' (mental or physical). When in the ordinary world of perception the object is physically present, this is obvious. When the object is not physically perceptible, just as a pure crystal by the sheer purity of itself reflects physical objects like a pot, so also the senses first create the form of a sense-object for itself. Then it is the mind that generates the ripple of a question: What is this? It is now the role of the intellect to answer this and the knowledge 'This is a pot' arises. Thus there are three stages: the ripple generated by the sense-object; the conception of the form in the senses; and, finally the recognition, with the help of the intellect, of what it is.

Oan| svI| kraEtt ktIv| tO BaytE .

kEct Oan| vlayap mEnrE XNk| h tt = 217 =

AWtna|| Bayvta| vvEkap smt: .

As|g| Oanmt yt ApSaISdpt: = 218 =

n saXN| sayDmaI: s|pSt vlXN| .

ApSIyaEgna h n@ya: s|cryt: = 219 =

dWv| p#k]tmata mhaman: mhdt:krNvt: vymCEadvpvt: nOgyam-

vpavTta: yvharvtaE{p ba/Ya n kt k[vItt gtady| . gNatta:

Ttp#Oa kmIsaXN ev . AamWyOanyaEgn: DmIcarN: syna = 217-219 =

I - 217-219: The core of the Gita is to emphasize that great men who revel in the realisation of the Truth are totally unattached even to their own actions. They are only a witness to it. Neither the actions nor the external goings-on touch them.

dEhEd#yadyapara: Aamyyasta: Kl .

vya ta| baDva dEhat p#v#jta yE = 220 =

Atv| yvhar| c n gyEv sry: .

AXp#yXanBv: n yTaTaI Bvyp = 221 =

tlvt ytE yaEm KaEtaE hyvafv .

mrcka jl| Bat rjaph spIvt = 222 =

k[BvEn c mat svN|I k[flvt: .

OanandGnE nyE /namkEypkE = 223 =

nampamk| v| vasnat: p#tytE .

ѤrtvasnajalW: jvasvI c vEta: = 224 =

jataE{hmyh|kar: im| p#apyE mnaErT| .

it Bavsmava: Aasr| Bavmata: = 225 =

Bavpp| BavtTI| BavSrhEytE .

BavnaBavmaOEN s|kp: XytE vy| = 226 =

n sryaE h yvharmEn| tvavmSIn shamnt it SkaEYa srNa| 袾gaEcr| tv|

vNaE: prm| pdmEv . p#yXtaE yap yaTay| prXtymEv bhTlEx baDtvat .

yTa msvNaIdyaOk[Bk[fladx ss msvNaIdnamEv syvmytE tTa

Oanandp#kaSyaOpdaTaInamp Oanandp#kaSmaOENWv syta . yayyapkyaE:

kayIkarNvaBavat yapkmaOsyta n sms t v[| y| . yayyapktaya:

myavadEv ekvtBanyWv syv| . p#kayp#kaSkatry OEyyaBavat

ty c AmyItrvaBavat etYanmEv svaImBavna iyytE . Gzmh| janamt

yt Oan| BavEvnp#v| st id| mya Oat| iytramyEv pyIvyt . csyIp#kaStpdaTaIna|

csyImaOv| yTa s| tdWvaWtsBIvt . n h my|gtnravtp#cfmataIfp#kaSE

AyTa p#kaSn| Ap#kaSn| va s|Bvt . p#kaSat: BaysOa| yaE vEd s h bytE = 220-226 =

I - 220-226: The goings-on associated with the body, mind and the senses, are wrongly superposed on the Self as if the latter is the doer or thinker. The sky appears as a surface; the fire-fly appears like fire in the sky; mirage appears like water; rope appears like a snake; clay appears in the form of a pot; gold in the shape of an ornament. All these are appearances and are transient. The Absolute Consciousness is the permanent Universal Light. It lights everything and wrongly we think that it is this and that and give importance to the lighted rather than the Light. It is the Consciousness-Sun that should be understood instead of the physical Sun and the physical light. I cognize the pot - is a statement that comes from the inner Consciousness whose Light lights something sometimes as a pot, and something else some other time as something else. The Reality is that of the Inner Light and not of anything external.

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