Gita-nectar: I -33 to 39 with English comments

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ekvEc tTa pNI pNImEvavSytE .

nayEvaOamtaEar: vy| pNaImtvt: .. 33 ..

OyatW: pmanvat sa h rmta sta .

p#pE{mtmSan| Amtvay jvsE .. 34 ..

ekaE jalvanSt iISnB: it ya eky Atyvtn: sOa

samayvpy ABav: n kdap vtE . tyWvEh csamaytEt

scnandpmEv Aamn: . s va ex mhan Aj Aama Ajr:

Amr: Amt: ABy| p#ta| vdtE . tdEvaXraprtaE{p pr| b#' s|pN|I

AakaSvYap nr|tr| npaDk| c . AO AmtaErN| va Amtp#aOvaI

n sm|js|. Oy va p#tnD: AaE|karag#| tyItrymEv nyamt: .

sWxa sEya svaIytya vmaOavSExlXNprmm|gLtya mNa ( ? - ed.)

ev dEvy| dDat it prmkWvypmvWBvmEv Bd#| kNIBrt mO:

p#tpadt| .. 33, 34 ..

- 33.34: When it is maintained that there is only one entity it follows the non-existence of this entity is out of question. The awareness of it and the existence of it are built into its non-dual character. So to say that the fullness or the immortality is obtained is a tautology. It is already full and it is already immortal. Nothing need be done to bring it to its natural state. It is in its natural state. You have only to realise it.

nystt| sEya ya svIO ghahta .

savaIy| llya p#aO: k]NaE B#a|tkxIN: .. 35 ..

vavtarsYTI| mayaB: ppt: .

yanpjanmO tngIat mayya .. 36 ..

p#ygama pr| yaEt: . maya c mhOm: . uByaErytvvBavyaE:

s|D: n sam|js. tmat nmaIy| b#' n kdap smay| ktI| Sy| . mayya

vk]tvg#haE mFW: Bgvg#htya ymany vtn: AyTa Asvat

sa maya it smaDantya AacE t: . AjaE{p syyama iyOap

nmaIyy jmn: Asvat jat iv c Bvam laEk袾t: it Baykara:

vdt . tOap d| ggn| vSaEktmn ydttѤpasty| it ya

AtpasnmEv vhta Bvt . n t TlYa vtsBIvt .. 35, 36 ..

I - 35, 36: The Inner Spirit is the Supreme Light. The entity mAyA however is total darkness. How can the two co-exist? Therefore we can never change the illusionless brahman into brahman with illusion. When the Lord takes a form by His mAyA, since Reality can never be other than the Reality itself, the scriptures say that what you see as the form of the Lord is mAyA. What is prescribed as the ultimate is the propitiation of the Inner Light. The appearance of the concrete form and its worship is for meditation, ritual worship etc. which are the royal roads for the ultimate Realisation of the Inner Light.

mhyak]Sqya c gaEpB: p#aNSB: .

gaEpayyavNaEtt gaEp maya Ѥryya .. 37 ..

pr| yaEt: prSv| pr| vt pramt| . iyramyaEtbaINamkaparS: kl

vj#ayDsha#yap sk]s|harkarkt p#sa c . mhyak]sap k]NyEyytE .

taSSrEv gaEpSdEn uytE . mayaSrEv AavNaEt mayn| it gaEpayt va .

vvpavrkS: @yaSqyamkp#aNa: gaEy: . svI{p laEkE Aak]ytE p#aNSB: .

p#aNSqya cln| jnana| . gtp#aN: n kaE{p clt laEkE . @yya Kl ba/yaparW:

kalaE{p n OaytE jnana| . vvpmp Aav#ytE . At: @ymaNEx kmIs yaE maEh|

naptE vymktEIt BavaptE s ev mayatrNkSl: .. 37 ..

I - 37: The great power of attraction that the Lord exhibits is well-known. It is His mAyA-zakti; it fhides the truth, it also protects the devotee. The cowherdesses stand for the prANa-zakti which gives the power for action in every one of us. Without prANa-zakti we are only inert. It is only by our multifarious activities that we forget our true bearings and get lost in the external world. This dynamic power is therefore also the power that deludes us from the Truth. It is therefore called gopI mAyA. The One who is unruffled by this external activity and who can see himself as the non-doer (but the witness) he is the one who will be blessed to transcend His mAyA, which is otherwise untranscendable

SqyaFaE mhanEx: gaElaEkE rasmflE .

gaEy vOyaE{nta: vamtEnWv prta: .. 38 ..

gaEpmyE c k]N: k]NmyE c gaEpka .

raDamhaEsvaE /Ex: vanEkp#aNSB: .. 39 ..

StavDant ekmn kal ev AnEkan kayaIN ktI| S: yTa sha#aX it

p#Tt id#: sha#aN kayaIyp ktI| smTI: . eksn AsHqyan kayaIN

AsHqySqyaF: kraEt mhan AsHqyan SrraN vk]y AntgaEpBsh

id| nOvSExmDtt rasmflE . yTa AnamnamtrE maDv: maDv| maDv|

ca|trENana . vOymyE cEtnmEk| cEtnymyE vO: cEtnEn ekEnWv vOy: BastE .

cEtn| vna vOEsv n Bvt . cEtnsv vOsOavt yvytE . it tv|

bbaEDyxsn ras@famhaEsv| k[vaIN: k]N: AWtOanmEv FkraEt . ekEn

yaEgErEN vk]tnanavDvg#hEN @fasaya it may k]N: p#kzkraEt . p#tb|bW:

yTa bala: @ft tt it ekyWv mayya AnEkp#karEN Ban| s|BvyEv . it

vSdkraEt vyaEgSqyWv .. 38, 39 ..

I - 38,39: The famous sport of Sri Krishna in the midst of the Gopis carries a profound import for the understanding of the mysterious power of the Lord. Like a magician he performs a simultaneity of feats by being everywhere and at the same time nowhere. The concept of every pair of Gopis having a Krishna between them and every pair of Krishnas having a Gopi in between symbolises the daily happening in our own minds of our consciousness manifesting in between two different channels (=outgoings) of the mind and the mind coming in between two sprouts of consciousness. By this yogic feat of rAsa-krIDA Krishna teaches us only the lesson of His non-duality amidst the world of multiplicity.

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