Gita-Nectar: I - 278 to 294 with English Comments

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yyWv p#rN| cEt vkqp#rNBavn| .

kqtvmWr| tEj: Sp| c K|my| = 278 =

st p#rNyay ABavaE n h vtE .

Aandp#rN| cap svIO /nBytE = 279 =

dyaE mtI px: mhyamhtaE{p c .

ekp| mhap| sOayatpd| vѤ: = 280 =

vSEx| s|pryy smaO| ydlEpk| .

klakaladrhtsOamaO| vvXt| = 281 =

smaOlXt| b#' Oanandvpk| .

mhasOa mhacc s|vEdnmy| vѤ: = 282 =

vanp#vESat jfa Ap cEtnk]ta Bvt . yOEn yOmyjt iyO etdEv uytE .

mhasv pxaEOmyaEt: vatrana|| Avakptana| cEtnkrNat

savcracrvnaSk| Bvt . td#opmEv mhvISExk| nOgymt vdt = 278-282 =

I - 278-282: The third verse of dakshiNAmUrti-stotra is taken up now. It is the universal luminosity of the Absolute that gives luminosity to any object. The divine Light is the Subject. Everything else is only an object - lighted by the luminosity of that Subject. The Subject is the Seer. The Subject shines as the only Existence. It never becomes non-existent. In addition it shines as Bliss. He is the divine Purusha. He is greater than the greatest. He is One, He is the Colossus. Leaving aside every attribute, we have to recognise the very Existence without its phases or forms conditioned by time and space. His is the Grand Existence, He is the Grand Knower. Knowing thus is the true Perception.

yEn yEn c ts|g: svIma@ytE cta .

svIBtEvamBt: Aama csKmEv h = 283 =

AtayEk evama mtysvIBtt: .

BtEx c vnys ABtmvnaS yt = 284 =

ttyaEtrEv d#y| BavaBavavBask| .

tamaOmd| v| BEdalEKaE mnaErT: = 285 =

mhascnyaEt: yEn en s|gCtE tO tO vEtrBavmpaE/ vyaEtrqyaya svI|

yaEtmIymEv kraEt . AvnaS kalOyE{pt nymEv vrajman| mh: Atbhd#mNy| c

Bvt = 283-285 =

I - 283-285: Consciousness pervades everything. It is the soul of all that lives. It is the one thing that has to be thought of as the substratum of everything. It abides in all beings. It is the imperishable among all the perishables. It is the One Light that should be looked for. It lights up both Existence and Non-existence. The entire Universe is nothing but that Effulgence.

ekBavaE OOp: symEv /baDt: .

yasnat p#kaStE kpta Ap Bavna: = 286 =

etasvaI Anya Banmygta yt: .

uTtsvIBavEy: svIBavaOmEv h = 287 =

Aay svIg| Bav| ekpEN pyt .

AKfvadEkp: naEpO| c tTahIt = 288 =

AnEkjfpa Anya ev s|mta: .

jngyad lla xfqvkarW s|yta: = 289 =

scdandGnamkBavy AKfWkpvat vEtrsvIBavadp uTanmhEytE .

yO yO yaE yaE Bav: tsvIyap prtvat tsvIBavadp tmEv SrNmap

AamWytaday| Byat ett ytr| jfmEv Ast it svIvkarapdmt c

AsdBnvES| svITa yjt = 286 - 289 =

I - 286-289: The Ultimate is Existence-Knowledge-Bliss. It is an unbroken mass of Consciousness. So one has to discard any attitude which smacks of the absence of Consciousness. Such an absence of Consciousness can only be inert and non-existent. Even imaginations of the mind only exist because of the substratum of Consciousness on which they are superposed. All the six states of change or transformation are only spoken of in terms of the insentient that is non-existent - not in terms of the Existent Absolute.

ekBavy g#hNat nWvay| jfpk: .

yp#kaSmaOv| yt svIrnBytE = 290 =

s ev gF iy: AOErgaEcr: .

svIOanyttya svIyap /ntt: = 291 =

Atramap Bvt p#ygamvpt: .

tOtPlp#danay kmaIyXaE BvyhaE = 292 =

svaIDarvpEN svIyap p#vtIk: .

ymEv /DanE svaIyp vsyt: = 293 =

vsD yaptana| krNana| tTEXta .

vatr| c natt saXat d#a BvEdp = 294 =

ekaE dEvsvIBtEx gF it trO yayaytE laEkpEN . svIsaX jgcX:

ekmEv yaEt: ty c iIXtvvNat AyWv vEdahmEtmt tp#kaSty tpxy

mht: vWBv| aEytE = 290-294 =

I - 290-294: The Subject is sentient. Anything that is not sentient can only be an object. When the object is seen it is the luminosity of the Absolute that is being seen. The One Divinity is mysteriously hidden in every being, says the Scripture. By 'mystery' the reference here is to this fact, that it is the Light of the Absolute that shines as the visible object. The bottom line is that Luminosity. It is that which runs as an undercurrent of everything experienced. There is nothing other than the Effulgence of that Self. It is 'That' which is 'this'.


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