Gita-Nectar: I - 295 to 308 with English Comments

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sdaycEtnvEv| svItaE{ynk\lk]t .

p#tk\l| yjtp#ykq sdacWkvpk| = 295 =

stvpamkaE Bav: ASrr c smk: .

sdWkBavaE BtEx savk| Oanmrt| = 296 =

BtBtkDmaIc sd#opaE h vlXN: .

dEhEd#yadpac ytrEksdEv h = 297 =

sdhEdmd#aX| tTa Bt| c Btk| .

ytrEkaEplDa BtBtkyaErp = 298 =

Pazk| yaEtsvIjgdaDarBt| sdyytE ttylaEkE . p#ykqyaEtrEvWtt ydayat

p#atk\yvxy: yEn vsytE s vsgI: kmIs|Ot: BtBavaEvkr: it gt| .

b#'amky d#yy cpraEfaSadE: b#'amkdEvtaEESEn b#'yEvapIN| vsjIn|

BtvtpOk]t . BavSdy vtvacvat ekmEvamvt AOanln| yt ytp#kznadEv

ssvIkmINa| Bvt . vvps: yEn yOaykmINa Bvt s ex vDmI it

p#tpadt| Bvt . yOEd| b#' @ytE it b#'kmIsmaDna b#'yEv svI| kmI smaDytE

b#'yEv svImrqytE dytE it c stvpamkaE Bav: EOantya uytE . n ex

BtBtkDmI: . tlXNaE{y| nWx dEhEd#yadpaE va . tYtrvat . svIxa|

BtBtkadna| uplDa y: sdyytE . sdEv sy idmg# Aasdt tE: . yagdanhaEmEx

yag: kmIs|Ot: = 295-298 =

I - 295-298: The topic of discussion here is sat, the primordial Reality in its undifferentiated unity. The motivation for this discussion is the third Sloka of dakhiNAmUrti-stotra. This Reality is different from all physical and elemental worldly realities. It is also distinct from all the derivative realities of the complex of body, mind and intellect. This Reality is the content of the 'I' when the latter has been decoupled from its physiological, mental, intellectual and experiential counterparts. It is the Self, the only True Self. It is the Source and Origin for everything in the Universe. The concept of Existence applies to It and to It only. All rituals like yajnas are intended to help us realise this Self in us. That is our svadharma - innate Nature. The creative urge in the state of one without a second, is brought about by the Power of the Absolute to manifest itself as many. This activation of Nature is the foundation of all functioning. This is the esoteric definition of Karma, as given in B.G. VIII - 3.

nyvmplDE eEkyac svIt: .

SrrE BavmaOEN tmaI n BvEc st = 299 =

vp"E dEhE c nEE vvD| g#hN| st: .

n ytE c smaI: dEhad c kdacn = 300 =

dEhatt| c sd#op| eEkayE c p#zk]t| .

vsOap#tIdanac tdEvast nt: = 301 =

mhavaypdESac ekv| SytE rh: .

shvyImt ya AKfs^dD: = 302 =

sd#opv| t vanByWkmanEnWv Oat| Sy| . AWtanBvy BavmaOksvat

mnsa vEtE vEmt yayac vEnmImns ev p#vESyaEyvat smyamvtn:

p#vES iv BaytE . svIgty pvImEv svIO sv| yay| . ntntya p#vE| AvkaS ev

nat . g: vsvaImBavEn Sydy| p#v: kl . ex svaImbaED ev Syyap

dytE @mS: tprpakpazvansarEN . tv|pdyaErWymEv updytE vEdgBI: . yTa

SyaE{p gdy| p#v: AamWyOanvyImhm"a savaIyandE maEdtE c = 299-302 =

I - 299-302: The non-duality of the Absolute Reality is to be adapted as an attitude. The body and its actions cannot reflect it except by its very existence. The existence of the Absolute Reality expresses itself even in dream, because there is the dreamer who dreams. And that is why, the Guru says: Thou art That. Without the immanence of the Absolute Self, this lower self cannot exist, does not shine, will not function. The pervasion of the Absolute Reality in everything is already a fact. And that pre-empts any concept of a further 'entry' of the Absolute in the things of the Universe. It is already everywhere. The Universal Teacher is Himself omnipresent and so He is in the inner core of the disciple. So by His immaculate maturity He transmits the realisation of the Self to the disciple also by the mahAvAkya: tat tvam asi.

Asd#op| c sd#op| it stp#aOrytE .

Asd#opac dEhadE: sd#opgmkt: = 303 =

tmaEpac jgt: ma yaEtgImyEt c .

myaEs|k[ctat Oanat Amt| gmyEt c = 304 =

upWm symntat dWy| c manxadp .

AmyaI /mtaE mtI: myIDmaIranp = 305 =

Anp#vy svaI| ekBavEn tt .

ev| styaEtrmt| nvarE{p ytE = 306 =

sy| Oanmnt| yt Asjfnrast: .

svIyap c yOEj: utIy| mnxB: = 307 =

ymaѤ?tmEtc tOayEty Bavnat .

Astv| c tTa jaY| kpt| ynyt = 308 =

scsKmyO OyaNamyEkta vtt: . etsDanapItb etd#opEN n BastE

Oymp . st jfpEN BastE . ct cd#opENWv BastE . AmtmEv myaErtDIOE .

sbTcdaBasat AandanBvaE BvEt = 303-308 =

I - 303-308: From the Unreal, Oh Lord, lead me to the Real, says the scripture. The Unreal is the body-mind complex. Using this we have to discard them and reach the Truth within. In the same way the Universe deludes us by its Form. It is only the Form of Ignorance. From the springboard of this deluding Universe we have to jump to the Light and Wisdom of the Absolute. The knowledge of the Finite that we acquire all our life is only a truncated knowledge. From this mortal experience, Oh Lord, take me to Immortality - says the scriptural prayer. From Untruth to Truth, from the human to the Divine, from death to eternity - all this is possible by dhArmic living. The Absolute manifests itself in us as our unquestionable existence, as our very awareness and as our moments of happiness. Existence, Consciousness and Bliss are all one though they are spoken of as a triad. Existence is cognisable even in the inanimate. But Consciousness is recognisable only in the sentient beings. Happiness is the experience of the reflection of Consciousness in ourselves. The realisation of the unity of this triad should be the goal of life.


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