Gita-nectar: I -20 to 22 with Comments in English

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byaEg| ddamt k]NaE dy袾d: .

kmIBqyapayEn y| mayEt tjy .. 20 ..

uOmaDkarNa| byaEgp#daE gmtI: svIs|SyCEOa h SyaNa| .

k]Nt kZaEqyap byaEgp#d: . mayajyaEpay| uva yy

Asv| dSIyt jnana|| . maya /Exa mya sa yma| pyst nardayaEva

llya vsavaIy| Aap: TlE vy ABav ATlE vy

Bav dSIyt . ctBIjvadp| pytaEmaItapOaE: smXmEv traEhtmBt .

vp| p#yXtaE mp traEhtmast . gaEpB: mp p| XNatrE

traEBt . evmEv yp#pmp bvlstmEv n bh:TmydSIyt .

mayajyaE nam mayattkayIrs|pv| . SvEnap c halayE n ctx lla:

p#dSIta: . ntInXt: (? - ed.) AcEaB: yTa ty As|pv| tTa

llavBtBap vy| mayajy sn AWtmEv p#kzyt baEDyt llanayk: .

kmIBYapEy| b#' n dEhadB: s|l| Bvt . yavta AmyadkaESW: s|lEx:

tavpyIt| vpavBaIv: n BvyEv . vvpmpraEyEN it varyaE

vp"vt gDvIngrvt mmrckavt jagranBv: it D: yavaEdEt tavta

byaEgaE{p n PldaE Bvt . yt: syIpraĵ^K: n syI| d#mrqht . DmI:

vnt: B| jnyva ttara OanjnkaE Bvt . nay: pTa Aynay

it kmIkrNkalE svIgtb#'vBavnadEv BvIBIvt yya Bgvt:

pNaIKfvpmp ABOaytE .. 20 ..

I - 20: For those who have acquired the necessary prerequisites, the universal guru, the remover of all doubts, zrI kRSNa himself bestows the Yoga of the Intellect through a Divine Sight. In essence while He Himself is totally untouched by His own mAyA He teaches us lessons through His mAyA. We see Him where we dont expect Him to be and we dont see Him where we expect Him to be. Mother Yasoda had several tastes of it, the Gopis had the experience, and Arjuna himself had the monumental vision of the vizva-rUpa. The lesson is that the visible universe is equally a mental manifestation only. Lord Siva Himself exhibited 64 divine feats at Madura. Just a magician who conjures up the rope trick is himself untouched by his trick so also the Lord by his feats of such mAyA is only teaching us the immutability of His own nirguNa or saguNa form in spite of the various goings-on he appears to exhibit through His lIlAs . So long as we are conscious of our connection with this physical body we cannot realise his fullest expression. Only by proper discharge of the duties obligated on us and by following the path of Bhakti, can we expect the buddhi-yoga to fructify just as by looking the other way we can never see the Sun. Dharma properly carried out leads us to the path of Devotion which in turn leads to the Saving Knowledge. There is no other route, say the scriptures.


ekmEvay| yaEt: mayya ytE bh .

vdSInEn svIO vayt vmn p#kpt| .. 21 ..

it vEd vpNIv| tkT| cays|Bv: .

it p#dSIt| saXat mhayaEgErEN h .. 22 ..

ekaE dEv: dyt aEtytt vatrashyaEt: svIBtEx gFvat TlYgaEcr|

st smatsm| yt Atd#yg#a/| s|k]tbYWkgaEcr| . ek| vt yda AnEkS:

Bat ekyWv syv| Bvt . itrE myaBta: p#tbbvt . Ajayman| vt

bhDa jaytE it tbaEDaE{p mayya BanmEv p#kzkraEt n vtt: . nEh

nanatt tdarqYat ekyaEtx: svIgtvat vpNIvmEv u| Bvt .

vvpy svIO svat vatr| yt vvpvlXNtya Bat

ty svIyap vmEv kptv| s| Bvt . kpty naSaE nam

vvpavSExNmEv .. 22 ..

I - 21, 22: The One non-dual Light shines as Many by the feat of mAyA. There is nothing other than the Self. The non-Self does not exist. The One Entity appears as many of which the Original alone is true. The others are like reflections. The scriptures declare that the unborn Absolute is born as the many. So the birth is only an appearance, not the reality. The one Light pervades everything and this itself shows its fullness. So whatever appears in concrete form it is only a superposition or fancy on the Real. This fancy ends when Reality is realised. The meaning of the statement that the illusion has ended is nothing but the realisation of the substratum, that is the Reality.

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