Gita-nectar: I -23 to 24 with English comments

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mayajyaEpdEar| k]N| vdE jg^| .

sataE{yamSaOaNa| svaIpv ev h .. 23 ..

satdSInmEv mayajy: it pdE pdE vyaEtlI|gTapn| my|

Bvt jmn: . ramEN yTa lTapn| sEt k]t| yTa va halaynaTEnap

mnaXkyaNdn ev ihaBp#dErayya pmaBmK| l| p#tapt|

mymprnayksmEt| . ev| AapataLnBTlatmp mhaPazkly

eky TapnadEv p#k]tjyaE Bvt .. 23 ..

I - 23: Winning over mAyA is just the realisation of Truth. This is what the Lord can do for us. This is the purpose of all scriptures. This Realisation is the establishment of the symbol (Linga-sthApanaM) of the Light of the Self. Lord Rama did this on the shores of the Ocean just before He crossed over to Lanka. The Lord Siva as Sundaresvara did a similar pratiSThApanaM on the day of his wedding with the Goddess Minakshi. Throughout the three worlds the establishment of the sphaTika-lingaM as the unique expression of the Truth in ones heart augurs for the victory over the mysterious prakRti.

The use of the word pahnava in the second line of the verse is mystifying. The word means: a degraded Kshatriya race of people. It appears the entire second line of this verse is a quotation. - Ed.

tTap bhDam"at| tOavansart: .

ekBavTapnaTI| yttE pfta bh .. 24 ..

mhal|gamkbhjyaEtpvy|p#kaSvsE{p tjyaEtBaIstaEpaDtartyat

tOdtyaInEn ekBavy svIOap bYa dSIn| vht| SaOgtEIx . pvIvasnya

kl tOEvtacBIvt . t nxyta| . yaE yaE ya| ya| tn| it gtavayat

svIdEvtatyaItx: ekpvat tOv nytE tOEvtaEpatBrp . AakaSat

ptt| taEy| it laEkEn upatbahyat ekO nynmp say| Bvt . Bcrqh

laEk: iyvat tOd#^cvraEDEn vaBavkcmpaday tpvOarWv ekBavp#vNtaya|

AvraEhyt b| . etdTImEv svaI{p p#yn: . pfta h AamWyOanya: vvpmEv

svIO pyt: vatr| svI| kptmt sntaTaI: . scdandGn ev stramasta:

s|yasyaEgat AtmIyagn: ekBavnmg"dya: vand ev maEdtE .. 24 ..

I - 24: The One in the Many - is an attitude that has to come through the application of the intellect and the strength and tenor of the vAsanAs of the previous lives. In fact it is by the force of previous vAsanAs that one gets a taste in a particular deity or deities. The Gita however has advised us that whatever form in which you may worship Him it all reaches the same Absolute. The classical verse which says that just as all the water that falls from the skies from different directions reaches the same ocean, so also the worship or prostration that one does to whatever god or deity in any form whatever will all reach the same non-dual Absolute. So what one should do is not to swerve too far from ones natural affinity to any particular divinity, but keep ones devotion steadfast to the same ideal. That will lead ultimately to the perception of the Unique Divinity that is inherent everywhere.

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